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Made for Battle of the Bits' Game Jam 2. Got 8th out of 14 entries.

It seems like another day in the TEXT OS that this old computer runs on...until letters went missing.

Only one letter stands up to the challenge, and he is Oh the brave O. As he explores the Computer, he discovers that the villain behind all of this is the nefarious Mr. Viruz. Can Oh beat Mr. Viruz and bring the letters and the whole OS back to it's previous peaceful state? That's only for you to decide in Letterquest.


Ok, hooooooooly fliperoni this had to be the most stress-inducing thing I've had to do for a while. I honestly can't thank DaJoshy and Tobikomi enough for being part of the team, without this I couldn't have made such a game like this. Joshy was on music (this is imo some of his best work ever, pay respects, and Tobikomi was on graphics (and gave the idea for Mr. Viruz!) And I was on block code programming this time in Game Maker Studio, and also designed the levels and all the other smaller graphics in everyone's favorite program, Notepad! Sorry for the huge description haha, it's 4:30 am, I've been at it for 6 hours and finally finished. Enjoy the game! \.o./

Help by DaJoshy (now Disk Joshy) for the OST, and Tobikomi for graphics and voice lines. This is the Windows version, since the HTML5 export is broken. However, you can still get it on the entry's page.



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I did the music for this game! :3